Davy’s 2014 Resolution

A note from Cartoonist Davy Jones, creator of the strips from Okra Comics

2014 is going to be my year! I have worked very hard over the last three years to fine tune my skills, and I am now at the level where I feel my talent can be taken seriously. My goal is to see success for one of my comic strips. I focused solely on Charmy’s Army over the last three years which was a great strategy. It made me stronger, and now it time to use my strengths on my other comic strips.

So what are my goals? Do they include syndication? Well, syndication is not on my mind. I sent two rounds of submissions to King Features, Creators, The Washington Writer’s Group and Universal UClick, receiving only one response in the form of a form letter. Even though I knew syndication was a long shot, but the fact that I never received an honest response was extremely discouraging. I plan on submitting comic strips again this year, but this time I am not going to beat myself up over it.

This year my goals are simple…

And you are here! My goal is to have as many daily readers here as I did on Comics Sherpa within the first three months of launch. I was averaging about 65 – 70 hits per day on Comics Sherpa. This site will officially launch in March, so I hope to capture the numbers I had at Comics Sherpa by the end of June 2014. From there, I will set a new goal for viewership for October after we all see how many daily viewers I can gather.

One crushing blow last year was the demise of the one paper Okrapolis and Charmy’s Army was published in. For nearly a year both strips appeared in “Cape Cod’s The Funnies”, a monthly publication of comic strips and puzzles. Being published was very inspiring, but losing my only printed outlet was devastating. There is another monthly publication I wish to get into called Funnies Extra, but after four submissions to their editor, yes FOUR, without a response, I feel my chances are slim to none… but I refuse to give up. I am sending my FIFTH submission in three weeks. After that, I plan on hitting small, local papers which publish 3 issues per week… It is a growing trend I hope to benefit from. I can fulfill their needs where traditional syndicates cannot. Just getting a run in one paper this year would make my hard work worthwhile.

I will publish a book sometime this year. It may be an eBook. I plan on shopping whatever I end up with to publishers. The best option of course would be a printed book which I can take on a signing tour. I have an extremely original concept for this first book. Stay tuned here for details later in the year.

Comic Cons give cartoonists a grand stage on which to push your work. I plan on attending either Houston’s Comicpalooza or Austin’s Comic Con this year, drawing characters and pushing this website. I am trying to get in free as a guest. I was invited once before to Houston’s Comicpalooza two years ago, but the week before I was bumped. The same year I was tentatively invited to Austin’s Comic Con, but they never could fit me in. If I cannot get in without purchasing a booth, I will drop this goal. I need to turn a profit on my work first before I invest any more capital.

Those are my goals. Help me achieve them by sharing my posts and checking in every day.

Davy Jones


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