Introducing "Okrapolis – The Legend of Hamm and Cheese"

Here is a strip I created back in High School! Back then I called the strip “Bazzle Presents”. The strip’s main character then and now is Fug Cheese. Fug and Floyd the Dragon are the only original characters. 

Billy came in three years later when I renamed the comic strip “Just Say Cheese”. This name remained for years… until recently when a strip named “Just Say Uncle” was syndicated. I knew I would have an issue down the road and the time was perfect for a rebrand.

The story is set up in the town of Okrapolis. I decided to name the strip after this little town because the chances of anyone else using that name is pretty slim… I would hope! FYI, it is pronounced oh-KRAWP-oh-lus. Oh as in “Oh boy”. KRAWP as in a “Crop of vegetables”. Oh again as in “Oh boy”. Lus as in “fabuLOUS”.



2 thoughts on “Introducing "Okrapolis – The Legend of Hamm and Cheese"

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