Please Leave a Comment on the Blog

Hello loyal readers! I hope everyone followed me from Comics Sherpa. I gained a very large following there, so the move to my own website was a tough decision. If everyone follows me here, success should be around the corner. If I have to rebuild my following, then I am in for a long reboot. lol…

Anyway, I am just checking for bugs. Please leave a comment so I know the comments section is working. Also, let me know if you followed me here from Comics Sherpa.

I am working hard to get the site up and running by the week of March 13th. This site is going to be a big jump start to my cartooning career… if all works as I have planned in my head.

Any suggestions for the site are welcomed. Let them in the comments below… or just say “Hello”. 

THANKS for your support of my dream!!!
Davy Jones


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