Charmy’s Army in "Monkeying Around" Strip 2 of 6

I write my strips as short stories. As a kid I was fascinated with Bloom County and how Berke Breathed could spin a yarn. I read everything Mr. Breathed wrote. I would clip Bloom County out of the newspaper and collect them in scrapbooks… reading them over and over again… studying them. I was determined to become as good as Mr. Breathed… BETTER…

The most important lesson I learned is that politics are boring. Mr. Breathed would get “preachy” at times and I would become so disappointed. I was a kid and could care less about lampooning politics. I swore I would never be “preachy” in my strips. I just want my readers to laugh… and occasionally blow coffee out their nose.

PLEASE, if my comic strip EVER causes you to expel any liquid refreshment through your nostrils, LET ME KNOW. Post it in the comments and I will add you to my Blow Hole Hall of Fame. It is a real deal so don’t roll your eyes. Of course, I take NO RESPONSIBILITY if you get burned by a scolding hot cup of joe gushing through your sinuses. Please get your lawyer and file suit against the coffee manufacturer. I accept NO responsibility for your roasted snouts.

Please drink responsibly.

– Davy


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