Charmy’s Army in "Monkeying Around" Strip 4 of 6

I received a TON of emails today asking me to continue my history of Pearls Before Swine creator Stephan Pastis. Not many people know much about Stephan’s life before his famous comic strip. The years 1932 through 1998 are shrouded in mystery. Most people have no idea the guy is nearing 100 years old. It is quite amazing what someone can do with a little Photoshop and hair dye.

After the Street Grinding business went under, young Stephan sold the family monkeys and used the money for Law School. To help pay the bills while studying Law, Stephan worked for Harold H. Knerr coloring The Katzenjammer Kids. His stink on the strip lasted for six years, running from May of 1932 through July of 1938 when he was replaced by a much younder Charles M Schultz… who of course later created his own strip Peanuts.

Following Law School and passing the bar exam, Stephan worked for a small firm known as Ketcham, Hangem and Askemquestchumslater. Here he worked with Weaver Vinson Ketcham, father of Hank Ketcham who is the creator of Denise the Menace. Stephan would not actually meet until a week after Stephan left the firm. That meeting was the turning stone to Stephan’s career.

I’ll have more information for everyone tomorrow. Please let me know in the comments below if you are enjoying this history lesson.

– Davy Jones


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