Charmy’s Army the Comic Strip – The Dork Knight

Gotham at dusk, a city once masked in fear upon nocturnal slumber can once again rest easy. The Dork Knight, our protector, has blanketed the meek, shielding us from evil. No more shall we live in fear,,, for our caped crusader is here!

I have a really cool graphic novel in the works that pits Charmen Packy as Batman against both the JustAnts League and The Joker. Basically, when a member of the JustAnts League is murdered by The Joker, the League set out to seek revenge on the murderous clown and Batman must set in to insure the heroes stay within the law… which they do not. Batman ends up having two battles on his hands.

Charmy’s Army’s graphic novels are a mix of slap happy silliness and overly dramatic heroic chronicles, My goal is to have one of four concepts for graphic novels completed written and story boarded by the end of July. Then I will see if I have time to illustrate the book or if I have to do a team up and find someone to work with. It is a scary thought because I am a lot like Batman. I work alone.

I have drawn Charmy many times as both Batman and The Joker. The drawing to the right here was inked for a Scholarship in my late mother-in-law’s name. I put it up for auction at the end of the year and never thought anyone would bid on it. I was shocked by the support my readers gave me and it sold for $100.00. This is when I realized my comic strip has established a real fanbase. This revelation is what lead me to leave Comics Sherpa and build my own bigger and better website. Hopefully all the time and money I plan to pour into this will build an even bigger audience for me to entertain. 

Here is one last look at Charmy as the Dork Knight. This strip was from last year when Warner Bros announced Ben Affleck would play Batman in the new movie franchise. I very rarely do comic strips that draw storylines from the news. I like to write material that will always be funny. If Ben pulls this role off, my strip will no longer be funny. Of course a lot of people say my strips are never all that funny to begin with. Bwa ha ha ha ha….

Please help support my dream. Share my posts on all the social media platforms you currently use. Follow my blog with the “Follow” gadget on this page. Charmy’s Army will be the next big comic strip. Get in on the ground floor and one day you can say, “I was there when Davy was just another guy with an impossible dream”!!!

– Davy Jones

4 thoughts on “Charmy’s Army the Comic Strip – The Dork Knight

  1. I just found you while looking at FreeBooksy…thanks for humor that in not just fart jokes…you should be published and paid for Dork Knight and and others …imagine the world you could ink and think.


  2. Thanks BAAD teacher! Be sure and follow this blog either via “Joining the Site” or “Follow by Email”. Either or both… but remember “Joining this Site” will help me get approved for Ad Sense so I can finally make some money on my passion for Cartooning. Even if I make a dollar a year, I would be bragging that I finally made some moo-la!!!! Bwa ha ha ha ha!!!!!

    Though I do love a good fart joke from time to time, I prefer building strips that touch your heart and keep you wanting more. Okrapolis will be my Peanuts… mark my words. This strip will be HUGE. I am going to hit that one REALLY hard just after this site's March launch. Fug will be a common name in ten years… lololol….

    Thanks for reading my stuff and Stay TOONed for more. I am going to post the rerun of Charmy's Army called Quack Dynasty next week. It was the last original strip I did last year before my December break… which lead to me leaving Comics Sherpa for greener pastures… ala this web site. Brace yourself because come March, this site is going to kick booty and ask questions later… 🙂



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