Charmy’s Army the Comic Strip – More info about the Dork Knight

I had quite a few people asking how serious I was about the Dork Knight graphic novel I revealed yesterday. Oh, I am quite serious. The novel is titled ANTidote. This will be so much fun because of the fact the story is set in an alternate universe so none of the rules of the D.C. Universe apply. No one is safe. As a matter of fact a HUGE staple in the Justice League is killed off in the opening scene by The Joker is typical, over-the-top, gruesome fashion. How else would The Joker pull off such a crime?

I have done numerous character studies and reinvented a few characters. For instance, Robyn the Girl Wonderful is a hot 21 year old female… which will lead into all sorts of sidekick jokes because the other heroes with sidekicks are using young boys… I always had such an issue with the silver age juvenile sidekicks. Aren’t there child labor laws? Or child endangerment laws broken? 

I guess the biggest challenge for this project is DC Comics themselves. No matter how cool this book ends up, I can’t get it into people’s hands unless I get permission to use their characters. Let’s be honest, I have a huge passion for my art… but I am determined to make money from my work. In order to do this, I have to sell DC Comics on it AND give them a big slice of the pie. I have no problem spreading the wealth. The real obstacle will be obtaining their blessing.

My plan is to just get the book written and create storyboards. Then I will pitch the rough concept and hope for the best.

Anyone have any contacts at DC Comics?

– Davy
(c) 2014 Okra Comics

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