Charmy’s Army the Comic Strip – The Many Faces of Charmen Packy

I want to warmly welcome all the new readers who are reading my blog. The numbers are quickly rising up through the roof. After only three weeks, I am seeing about 1500 hits per day. Most is spam of course, but I wish to believe it is a frenzy fervor of new fans latching their minds onto my awesome comic strips!

So in case there really is this horde of new readers, I thought I would give you a visual history of the last three years of my comic strip, Charmy’s Army. As you can see from the picture, Charmy has portrayed a ton of “characters” of the course of my comic strip. Sometimes he dons the disguises in order to impress women at The Candy Bar where Charmy hangs out when he is not at the army base… which seems to be a lot.

In some cases, as when he was dressed as a cowboy and mistaken for Gooser Dadburn in “The Tale of True Twit”, he used the outfit to bring a band of murderous thugs to justice and vengeance. This seven week strip is now being reworked into a graphic novel slated for a 2015 release.

More characters are on their way. Thanks for reading and PLEASE leave a comment so I know you are real. lololol.

– Davy

4 thoughts on “Charmy’s Army the Comic Strip – The Many Faces of Charmen Packy

  1. Hello Derrick!!! Man, things are picking up. Charmy's Twitter account Has gone from 104 followers on Monday to close to 800 because of all the blog tweeting by readers!!!!

    This was the best “move” I ever made.

    – Davy


  2. There you go with the numbers again. Snerk. Oh well. I'm hoping for all the best for you and will be waiting with bated breath for all of the new stuff. Well, as soon as I can find tasty bait.

    Suggestion…. When you move the comment link, please let us know. Took me 5 minutes to find it.


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