Charmy’s Army the Comic Strip – Charmen Packy Meets Lio

Back around September, I did a two week series of strips where Charmy tried getting the attention of the comic strip syndicates by kidnapping their stars. The strips were a huge success highlighted by this strip featuring Mark Tatulli’s Lio. The strip was one of the few strips I did at Comics Sherpa that was chosen of their “Pick of the Week” and I probably owe it all to the fact Lio appeared in my strip. He just has a certain “charm” about him.

I have been a fan of Mark Tatulli for years. Both of his strips Lio and Heart of the City are two of the best strips in syndication today. What is also highly impressive is the fact that Mark’s style of writing and illustrations are so different between the two strips. This impressiveness is what I hope to achieve with my strips here at Okra Comics. I guess time will tell if I can come close to being as awesome as Mark. 

This strips was very fun to draw up. I actually drew the monster in one try. Typically when drawing a new character, I will draw a the figure several times until I get the look I like. I will sometimes work up close to 100 sketches before I get the look and personality I prefer. Currently, I am having a really hard time finalizing two characters for my comic strip Hero Sandwich. Once I get these two guys the way I want them, this new strip is going to be my best strip from my arsenal.

Stay TOONed for more…

– Davy


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