My Guest Gig as Cartoonist for Rogue Symmetry the Comic Strip

A few years back, I helped out my buddy Derrick Wood with his strip Rogue Symmetry. Derrick had injured himself somehow… what was it… I believe it had something to do with drinking and trimming trees with a chainsaw. No wait, that was my uncle Buford. No, I think Derrick had sneezed violently while nail clipping his drawing hand… Nope, that was my cousin Jerry. I am sure it was Derrick’s hand though because he couldn’t draw for a month or so. Wait, I remember… Derrick was arm wrestling his six year old daughter and she cracked a bone in his hand. I;ll stick with that one. Gotta be it.

Derrick’s Rogue Symmetry is a immensely popular strip on Comics Sherpa. This guy has probably the biggest following out of all the Sherpa strips. So when he asked cartoonists for help, I saw a great opportunity to get some of his readers to check out Charmy’s Army. Well, that and I wanted to help him out of a jam… but mostly to steal away some readers. I wrote and illustrated the single panel comic strip featuring Batman, Flash and Superman… which was TOUGH because I don’t do single panel strips. The quick gag has never been my specialty.  I write stories… not jokes.

Be sure to check out Derrick’s blog at…
– Davy

7 thoughts on “My Guest Gig as Cartoonist for Rogue Symmetry the Comic Strip

  1. Yeah, those shirts are expensive!!! One of my ongoing projects is to find someone cheaper and better than Zazzle. The last shirt I bought was not to my standards so I am switching vendors. May try Cafe Press and see if they are any good.

    And NO. I would have to borrow money to lend you money. lololol…….


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