Charmy’s Army the Comic Strip – Schmuck Commander – Strip 1 of 6

Please don’t judge me but I love watching Duck Dynasty. I crack up every single time someone comes up to me and questions me… “You know it isn’t real, right?”!!! To which I always respond, “Oh no! Next thing you’re gonna tell me is that wrasslin’ ain’t real….”. 

Sure, they call Duck Dynasty a “reality show”, but that term is used loosely. You would have to be pretty dumb to think a camera crew is just following these guys around filming whatever transpires. Think about it, if the company operated as the series portrays, this company would not be the multi-million dollar empire it is today.

The show is mindless fun with a heaping helping of Faith. It is that honoring of their belief in the Lord that keeps me coming back. In this day and age of prime time debauchery, it is a relief to find a show I can watch with my sons without feeling embarrassed and extremely uncomfortable. I used to love Two and a Half Men until a few seasons ago and now I cannot sit and watch it with my family without anxiety and restlessness within my conscious just creeping me the heck out. It is a shame… Man I hope this isn’t another sign I am getting old.

The last sign I had that I was getting old was when I heard Nirvana was being inducting into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame this year. Does this mean Nirvana is considered Classic Rock now? When the heck did that happen? And how did Nirvana go into to the Hall of Fame before Cheap Trick… Now THERE is a band that deserves to be in the Hall of Fame. Live at Budakon is THE best live album ever. If it wasn’t for the song Surrender, I bet there would have never been a Nirvana… only because the rumor is that David Grohl is Rick Nielsen’s love child… That is just a rumor.

Enjoy today’s strip and… uh, please don’t sue me Willie Robertson!!!! 

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