Charmy’s Army the Comic Strip – Animation Project

My latest idea for my strip is to create short, 15 second animated strips. So far, this 15 second clip has taken me 4 hours and I only have one frame completed… and no audio… So this will probably get completed by December!!!!! 

I need a woman to say the line, “Uh… Are you gonna excuse yourself?”. Anyone interested can send in an MP3 of them saying the line. Just send your audition to The gig doesn’t pay, but you will have the honor of knowing dozens of people will see the video!

Stay TOONed…

– Davy


10 thoughts on “Charmy’s Army the Comic Strip – Animation Project

  1. Thanks!!! I already have the voice track and music completed. I am hoping to animated it this weekend and debut it when I officially launch this site next month. The above is an actual screenshot. I may add a few things like a link at the bottom… Still tweaking it in my head.


  2. Weaver will talk in the next short!!!!

    Keys to remember about Weaver….

    1. He is very dry. Think Squidward from Spongebob… but he doesn't speak in a monotone, that's boring.

    2. He is the straightman. Think Bud Abbott, Dick Smothers and George Burns.

    3. Weaver, in his heart, wants to be like Charmy so he does get wild and crazy upon occasion.

    I'll get with you in a few weeks with some lines to try.


    – Davy


  3. No prob, I must apologize too for becoming so vested in my animation project. I really haven't followed my game plan of developing kick @$$ new strips. I may work up a few this weekend…..


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