Charmy’s Army – ANIMATED – My Comic Strip’s First Cartoon

Over the past few weeks, I have abandoned my traditional path and ventured down a spiraling staircase descended into the murky depths of the world of animation. It is a tedious, mind numbing civilization inhabited by zombies and spider monkeys. A planet where sleep is impossible due to the stress of the pixel bit frame war plaguing the habitat.

I wish to thank Traci Wood for voicing Bar Fly #634. Traci’s performance should win her a “best supporting actress in a short subject” award at next year’s Oscars. I recorded my line while sitting at red lights last week on my way to and from work. My part took about fifty takes!!!! Traci pulled her track off in one take… or so I hear. I wasn’t there. Oh the power of the internet and digital media… Traci’s husband Derrick recorded her vocals on his phone and then emailed me the digital recording. So high tech!!!!

What was NOT high tech was the animation. I drew and colored this frame by frame. Walt Disney would have been so proud of me. I wonder if this is how Walt would have done his animations today? I’d love to say this is the start of a World of Animation from Little Okra Annie Mation’s studio… but it isn’t. My agenda now is to get back to inking my panel strips. I have a TON of work to do if this site is to officially launch next month.

STAY TOONed!!!!!

– Davy Jones

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4 thoughts on “Charmy’s Army – ANIMATED – My Comic Strip’s First Cartoon

  1. Okay, the secret is out… I downloaded 12 burps from the internet and merged them all together. I must have listened to around 200 burps before choosing just the right burps to mix.

    Now, I did try it my self, but after three hours of not getting one burp I liked, I started getting REALLY lightheaded. Burping takes a lot of oxygen from your brain I guess. Next thing I knew, I was wandering the streets with my pants on backwards. At least they were on. Next time, I'll leave the burps to the professionals.


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