Charmy’s Army in "Long Overdue" Strip 5

I guess I’m getting old. I love my all-news radio station here in Houston. I’d rather listen to that station than the watered-down classic rock channel at the end of my radio dial. Do they still make radios with “dials”? Again, showing my age.

Our classic rock station plays the same old “safe” songs over and over again. If you hear the station playing Led Zeppelin, you can bet it will be either “Stairway to Heaven” or “Rock n Roll”. If you hear Pink Floyd, you’ll hear either “Wish You Were Here” or “Another Brick in the Wall. You won’t hear any early, solo McCartney… or Cheap Trick… or Rainbow… 

If I could just take the steering wheel one time at that station You’d hear Pink Floyd performing “Wots, uh… the Deal”, Led Zeppelin doing “Candy Store Rock”, Cheap Trick belching out “He’s a Whore” and some Rainbow with Dio singing “Man on the Silver Mountain”.

So it is lunch time and I jump in my car. The radio was left on my all-news station… and it is blaring Beyonce. At first I thought maybe the channel changed on me, but NO. My news channel is now all Beyonce… all the time!!! Dang it.

I need to get satellite radio.


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