Charmy’s Army in "Long Overdue" Strip 6

It has been a whole week since I emailed by submission to The Washington Post Writer’s Group. I don’t expect to ever hear back of course. I’ve sent so many submissions over the years and no syndicate ever responds. Honestly, I would just love one of the form letters I hear about from other cartoonists. I refuse to believe my strip is so back that the syndicates won’t waste their time with a form letter.

My goal for October is to have submissions out to each of the major syndicates. If once again, I do not hear back from at least one syndicate by February of next year, I am going to begin working on one of three other strips I have in my brain. I hate to think Charmy, Weaver and Frenchy would be shelved, but after five years I may have no other choice.

How can you save Charmy’s Army? You can follow me everywhere I am marketing my strip…

PATREON – This site even allows readers to pledge a monthly monetary amount to my strip. These pledges help me buy all my supplies and pay my fees which run about $100 per month…. yes, per month. Stripping is expensive.

TAPASTIC – This is another site that allows readers to pledge a monthly amount to cartoonists. Unfortunately, you must have over 600 followers to be considered for funding. I have 27 so I have a long way to go before I am promoted to receive funding from pledges.

GO COMICS – This site is also a syndicate!!! I pay $100 a year to be on this site. They do not even know I am here. I have 42 followers and I get around 5 or 6 looks each day. Those are terrible stats. I really could use readers to create an account here (free), add me to their collections, and leave me daily comments. This would show Go Comics that I have a great strip that people want to read. This site is part of the syndicate Universal UClick. Being picked up would mean possibly getting into a newspaper or two… or twenty…

FACEBOOK – My only success story. Liking my page here will get you in with my biggest gathering of readers. Working on reaching 1,000 active readers!!!

Follow me here, there and EVERYWHERE!!!



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