Join Davy Jones for his FIRST Live Chat!

Davy will have his first Live Chat with his readers TOMORROW, June 22, 2015 on Twitter at 8pm Central Time. It is very easy to follow the chat…

1. Log into Twitter. If you do not have a Twitter Account, please make one.

2. In the search bar, search #CharmyCinco

3. The search result page will now be your chat room!!! Simply refresh the page often to stay up with the chat!

4. NOTE: Always type #CharmyCinco in your message so it appears in the stream. If you do not, the post will not be seen by Davy or his guest moderator.

This is going to be epic!!! You can even use #CharmyCinco now to post your questions early.

Yes, I know a ton of you are thinking, “Wow! Davy is going to miss Monday Night RAW in order to chat with us?”. Yep. That is how important you all are to me!!!! Without you, my hardcore followers, I would not be where I am now, five years after drawing my first sketch of Charmen Packy. Heck, I would have given up years ago if not for the kindness everyone has shared with me and my lifelong dream.

Talk with you all again Tomorrow!!!


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