Charmy’s Army in "Army Strife" 13

With July settling in, it is time to set new goals for the rest of the year. None of the goals I set for the first half of the year succeeded. In fact I took several steps backwards!!!
The one paper Charmy ran in went under. At one point, Charmy was in two papers. The other start up went under as well. My goal is to get into one newspaper by year’s end. I have no leads and no one so far has returned my emails. I have contacted a dozen papers. Not looking good!
After nine months, I have only 5 patrons. I am posting so many more posts than the other cartoonists here. To their credit, they are killing it on Patreon! Some have only 30 – 40 creations yet they are pulling in several thousand dollars each month. That is insane!!!! Good for them. I have three more Comic Con appearances coming up and my goal is to get at least 5 new patrons out of the shows. Honestly, this is going to be so tough.
I believe I can do this! My goal is to have Comixology pick me up and have them help distribute my comic book. I must finish the first issue first so this goal is months away. I totally believe I will be accepted. If so, the publicity will help me achieve the first two goals.
That is it. I am not setting goals for syndication or for being picked up by GoComics. It just is not ever happening. It is up to me to forge my own success by creating a new avenue. Path a new road for all other cartoonists to follow and also succeed. I am going to lead that charge. Just stay TOON’ed.
– Davy 

Meet Davy in Houston at Space City Comic Con in Artist’s Ally July 24,25 and 26th.


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