Charmy’s Army in "Army Strife" 17

Getting excited about my second comic convention appearance. I will be at Houston’s Space City Comic Con at table AA-68. I hope it is a better location than I had at Comicpalooza. My goal is to make $300 selling posters and to gain 50 new followers to Okra Comics.

At Comicpalooza, I focused my energy promoting my Patreon crowdfunding site. No one even checked out my page there. So this time, I am going to promote this website. If I fail again, I will have to do some serious soul searching.

Cartooning is my dream and my heart tells me I can do this. My heart doesn’t pay the bills though! lol…. Five long years ago I created Charmy’s Army and to this day I still believe it is an awesome comic strip. The problem is that five years is a very long time! Hopefully this show will be the turning point in the right direction for Charmy, Weaver and Frenchy.

Stay TOON’ed!!!!


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