Charmy’s Army in "That’s a Wrap" 02

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Here is today’s strip. ENJOY!!!!

You may notice white, empty areas. That is okay!!! Nothing is broke. Well, except for me after two Comic Con appearances. I really need to start MAKING money instead of SPENDING money at these shows. Setup is expensive. I hope one day to break even at a Comic Con.

Oh, so about those white boxes, I working on adding AdSense to my site. If approved, I will make money… FINALLY… with my comic strip. Soon, if I get approved, these white boxes will have ads. I will make money whenever someone clicks on an ad. I will need everyone to click an ad every time they visit. Click throughs are vital!

Of course, there is a great chance I will not be approved. I hear you have to have about 6,000 followers. I have 3,000 on Facebook and GoComics that I need to push over. Currently here on around 300 people read my strips every single day. That is great, but not so attractive to Blogger.

My strip is growing with ever Comic Con I attend. If I get passed this time by AdSense, I will try again later. Keep your fingers crossed, pray or whatever you think will better my luck with Charmy’s Army and AdSense.

– Davy Jones


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