Charmy’s Army in "That’s a Wrap" 03

Space City Comic Con was such a blast!

Over the past weekend I promoted Charmy’s Army at a huge Comic Con here in Houston. After bombing at Comicpalooza last month, I really did not have high hopes for the weekend. So how DID it go? Here is a day by day play by play!!!!


My son and I arrived around 7:00 am which was an hour before check in. The people outside waiting with us were awesome. They made the time fly by. And when it was time to check in, the process took no time. I was at my table by 8:10.

I had my table up and ready by 9:00 and the nerves were kicking in. My neighbor Jennifer was amazing. Her energy must have rubbed off on me because by 10:00 I was grounded and ready for the crowd. Man, did it ever get crazy busy!

During the day, I had three commissions which I undercharged for. Hey, it was only my second show! I am learning. That was all I did for the day though. My prints did not sell at all that day.

I was amazed that three people came up to me during the day and tell me that they read my comic strip on GoComics! Of course they did not make any purchases, but the rush of meeting people who actually do read my work was super awesome!

I talked myself into a sore throat by the end of the day. Everyone who walked by seemed to love listening to me explain my comic strip. I really need to pace myself at my upcoming shows.

The day was so much fun and flew by too dang quickly. 

I took two of the commissions home to work on. They took me three hours and I charged $15 for the both of them!!!! The artist across from me said I was insane. I told him that I just don’t know what I am doing. At my next show, I’ll charge more.

TOON in tomorrow for Saturday’s report!


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