Charmy’s Army in "That’s a Wrap" 04

Space City Comic Con Day Two

Day two was extremely special. I met the MC of the show. He looked me up becuase it turns out he loves my comic strip! That made my day. Later, his assistant hired me for a commission as a gift from her to him. She wanted a drawing of his head blowing up so I decided to do it and have Charmy and Frenchy exploding out of his cranium.

The day was another crazy one. I sold two prints almost immediately. They would be the only prints I would sell the ENTIRE SHOW!!!! I talked to everyone who would listen to me again. My voice was so gone. I muscled through it though because I love to talk… lol.

Once again, someone came up who had been following my strip. “DAVY JONES!”, I heard some gentleman exclaim. This guy was a promoter for Brazos Valley STX Con in Bryan, Texas. He loves my strip so much that he invited me to be a promoted guest!!!!! Oh course I jumped on it. HOW COOL IS THAT!!!!

I had a second visit from one of my readers who I met at Comicpalooza, His name is Freddy and he is super cool. On Friday he popped in around 5:00 after he got off work and purchased a few original drawings. He also asked for a few commissions Friday. I did a Frenchy as Harley Quinn and a Charmy as Wolverine. Both came out so bad ass! I had also worked up a Frenchy as Batgirl that morning and he grabbed that one too. Freddy purchased a third of my total sales for the weekend. I need a dozen more readers like him at every show!

Again, the day flew by and it was over in what felt like no time. The artist across from me was so nice. He explained that everyone’s bread and butter are Sketch Cards and he asked why I had none. I told him it was because I have no idea what that is. He explained they are collector cards of your art and that they alone can sell enough to pay off your table. He admitted that when a show is bad, the cards will always sell even if nothing else does.

So after a long day, I went home and made cards until 2:00 am and then worked on a commission for the MC of the show until 3:00. I had to get up in two hours so I turned in.

The day was awesome… mainly because I got to hang out with my son the entire weekend.

Great memories!

TOON in tomorrow for the final day and the wrap up.


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