Davy Signed to Appear at Brazos Valley STX Con!

Things are looking up for me and my comic strip Charmy’s Army!!! On October 10th and 11th I will attend my find show as an Advertised Guest!!! Ben, the convention big wig is a big fan of my troop of army ants. Ben looked me up at Space City Comic Con and inquired as to whether I’d like a free table. I never turn down free.

Check out the link to my bio!

I am the first guest listed!!!

This will be my first road show. By the time I make my long travel to Bryan, Texas, I will have four Comic Cons under my belt. At this time, I only have two shows completed. Comicpalooza was the first show and I had a terrible spot and a horrible table setup. I learned so much and had a very awesome time. Show two was Space City Comic Con where I did just okay, but again did a lot of things wrong. I believe I could have killed at this show if I had offered sketch cards which seemed to be the only thing people were looking for at this show. I must have been asked a dozen times for them.

I am going to write a blog about my Artist Alley experience soon. I hope I cam help others by revealing my huge mistakes. The biggest mistake I made was assuming I would make a profit. That is something you have to earn from years of show appearances. I’ll get into all my findings soon. The bottom line for Artist Alley is the fact that it is the most awesome experience so long as you go into every show with an open mind and no expectations of grandeur.

My two upcoming shows prior to Brazos Valley STX Con will be Amazing Houston Comic Con on September 4, 5 & 6 and Comicpalooza FanFest on September 19 & 20. I have HUGE plans for these shows. I am going to debut something that hopefully starts a new trend in Artist’s Alley!!! What is it? Well,you will all have to wait until the AMAZING debut… 🙂

I only planned on two shows as a test this year before I was bite by the Show Bug. Meeting readers is the most awesome experience a cartoonist can experience! Getting back into a few newspapers would be cool too, but not as rewarding as having readers hunt you down at a comic convention. 

Hopefully, I’ll see you at the next one!

Leave a comment below and list shows you’d like to see me attend.

Organized by a group of pop culture enthusiasts, this convention is all about trying to make small venue comic book and memorabilia shows more fun and exciting than all other cons! The show will be located at the Brazos Valley Expo in Bryan, Texas. They even have FREE parking giving you more money to spend on some cool Charmy’s Army memorabilia…. 

– Davy Jones

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