Here is the second look at the page I was invited to do for the upcoming publication “The Sunday Comics”. This section from my full page layout is freaking intense! We get a glimpse into Frenchy’s imagination here as she assumes the role of Warrior Wench Wendy.

One of my goals for 2016 is to write and illustrate a Warrior Wench Wendy graphic novel. I would even entertain the idea of hiring an illustrator to draw the strip. I have approached a few already, all of whom are way too busy. More than likely, I will have to produce the entire project alone… which is fine. I really do not require more than 3 hours of sleep every day anyway. lolol….

What do I love most about this slice from my page layout? I love those tiny buildings. Why? Well they match my cartooning style perfectly. They were easy to draw, lol… However, the main reason I love them is because I feel they actually make you feel as though Frenchy and Charmy are battling on top of a skyscraper. I kept having to take breaks while working on this page because I’d get dizzy. I hate heights. I am so thankful most of my strips take place on the ground. Good thing I didn’t created a strip about a bunch of bees.

The Kickstarter campaign ends tomorrow for this publication. They only received $35,000 out of the $75,000 they were seeking. Does this mean that the project will be dead? Not sure. All i know is that the project, for me, is worth being a part of. If they never go to print, I will at least have created yet another classic strip for my readers.

– Davy Jones
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