Beginning next week, Frenchy French will have a new cosplay outfit to show off here at Okra Comics. Frenchy, known in the cosplay community as The French Kiss, is one of the most beloved cosplay artists to grace the funny papers. Actually, she is the only one. 

Here is Frenchy portraying Fly Girl, an original creation from Frenchy.  One night when she was watching the original B Movie “The Human Fly”, she became inspired to create the hero known as Fly Girl. She has the ability to fly, and, when needed, she can cling to walls. Her weakness in fly paper. Don’t tell Frenchy this, but that is just a stupid vulnerability. I thought her weakness should have been the smell of garbage because it intoxicates her into a zombie like trance. We all know flies love gross smelling stuff. When I explained that to her, she said, “Then I guess I already am a real Fly Girl. I love Charmy and he smells super bad!”

Frenchy will also blog an entry each week that may be about her outfit, or just may be about something bugging her. I told her to use this entry as should would treat a diary. I want the readers of Charmy’s Army to know all of my characters. I want everyone to know what makes the characters laugh, cry and generally be the characters we all love so dearly.

– Davy


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