COMIC CON PRINTS – Frenchy as Captain America

Every artist is Artist’s Alley sell prints of their work. I purchased a cheap photo backdrop stand this week to showcase my limited supply of posters, These stands are a must if you want to sell your prints. Most attendees walk through artist’s alley looking up as they search for their desired treasures.

Here is Frenchy as Captain America. The reception for this poster was as inspiring as the red white and blue Frenchy displays! I did not sell any posters at all at my last show where this poster debuted, but I did get a ton of comments.

Out of all the superheroes making up The Avengers, Captain America has always been my hands down favorite. I even created my own superhero, High Voltage,  who shared the same backstory. Both traveled forward in time, losing everything they held near and dear. Of course now that I am older and wiser, I know I cannot use my character with the backstory I created as a kid. A kid dreaming of becoming the next Stan Lee… a life of creating superheroes and dramatic super cool stories.

Oh course by the time I progressed into High School, I ditched the superhero dream. I had discovered Bloom County, The Far Side and Calvin and Hobbes. I was going to be a legend in the comic strip industry!

Of course not only did that never happen… it looks like there is no way in heck I will ever even get a shot. Times have changed and syndicated no longer syndicate fresh, new talent. Syndicates have not signed a new cartoonist on for print distribution since Stephan Pastis was called up over 15 years ago. As crazy as the odds are against me though, I refuse to give up. Quitting is never an option for me.

Captain America would never quit. More than any other superhero, Captain America would stand tall against any odd… no matter how impossible. His patriotism fuels his passion and his ambition. I am proud to admit that I believe in this country I live in is the ultimate land of opportunity. Like Captain America, I know that even though the odds are against me, I am living in the greatest nation in the world, so there is no limit as to what I can do. Because of this,I will never give up. 

Charmy will be around for a very long time…

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