Charmy’s Army the COMIC STRIP – A Serious Look

I am taking a VERY serious look at my insanely funny comic strip, Charmy’s Army. For years I have

been working on a graphic novel entitled ANTidote. The story follows the Dork Knight as he battles the JustANTS League as they battle the Joker. This graphic novel will never see the light of day of course. DC would squash me like… well like an ant.

I love the entire idea of Charmy being Batman. Heck, any kid whoever read more than a dozen Batman comics once dreamed they were Batman. Writing and drawing a Batman comic would be as close anyone could ever get to being Batman. Creating this graphic novel is my way of living out my Batman fantasy.

The sketch here is not from that graphic novel. This is from a very special poster I will unveil at Amazing Con. Later in the week, I will show everyone a little more of this secret project.

Well, I gotta make this post short. This blog is taking a ton of time, but I believe the effort will pay off very soon! The more posts I make, the more followers I get. Please tell all of your friends and share my site on social media. 

– Davy

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