Today’s COMIC STRIP – Getting Wiggy With It – Strip 2

As you have noticed, the Candy Bar is gone from my relaunch of Charmy’s Army. I moved the activities to the Rec Room on the military base. I have heard from my peers that I am hurting myself by placing my story in a bar. I have taken these words of wisdom to heart as they have been spoken by some very prominent cartoonists. Yeah, I actually know a few.

These same professionals are telling me that my Comic Con appearances are a waste of time. No cartoonist in my genre ever does well. So they say. After two shows, I feel my time has been very well spent. I’ll need another couple of shows under my belt to be completely sure of course. I do feel that my presence was fully accepted.

My goal at these shows is to get more readers to my blog. I tried placing AdSense on my site to make money and I was doing great the first two weeks… and then I was kicked out of the program. I think the issue was that I asked people to support my advertisers in one of my blogs. I had no idea you were not allowed to say that. With that I was banned for life. There goes that source of income. Story of my life.

I have enrolled in a new service and I am not saying a thing about that. So let’s move on before I get banned again.

Life is all about saying things you regret. I am always wanting to be the clown and say things all the time before I think. I have put my foot into my mouth so many times that I should know what a foot tastes like. It tastes very nasty, let me tell you… in more ways than one.
The good thing about writing my strip is that I write my stories weeks in advance. I have plenty of time to digest the foot and see how it is going to settle. I have rewritten many a strip in hindsight. The extra work is better than tasting foot. In a few rare occasions, I have completely tossed a week’s worth of stories for whatever reason.

I do admit though that this does not happen that often lately. My mind is set on being syndicated so my humor has changed. Some say for the better… some miss the wild side of Charmy’s Army. To me this is a business and I intend on succeeding. I feel the end product is currently the best work I have ever produced.

– Davy

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