Cosplay Thursday!!!! – Frenchy as Thor

It is Thursday! That means it is time for another Cosplay drawing. This week, Frenchy is

dressed as the Mighty Thor. This is my third sketch card. I am extremely excited about adding these to my shows… but I need a ton of them in order to make a good presence. I plan on working all weekend on these and probably skipping strips next week.

Once again, this card was inked first with pen, brush and ink. After the ink dries, I hit the drawing with my Copic Markers.

I am wrestling with how much I will charge for the originals. Some people tell me $5… but I need to make money, plus each one takes just over an hour. I think at this first show I will try $30 each with a select few that may have taken a bit longer going out for upwards of $50. Heck, I figure it is worth a try.

I am also going to sell limited edition Print Cards. These will be copies of the original cards. I may even do these two sides. Each Print Card will be limited to only 500 copies. All will be signed and numbered. I will also keep them tracked in a spreadsheet.

On my way home yesterday I picked up some Collector Card sheets. I didn’t get get a binder though. I operate that way sometimes… forget the most important piece of a puzzle. I’ll probably look online after I post this entry. I want something cool… but cheap! lolol… I may just wait a few days for school supplies to get marked down.

– Davy
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