I have been working so very hard on a top secret project for Amazing Houston Comic Con. After sitting in Artists Alley and taking in two huge shows into my master marketing brain, I believe I have come up with a cool item that will stop people in their tracks… bringing them to my booth so I can make a little money, and more importantly, pitch my awesome comic strip Charmy’s Army!

No longer will I be a one dimensional artist, buried in Artist’s Alley. Nope. I am not only gonna stand out… I am going to POP OUT!


When I was a pre-teen, I loved when my class would get out Scholastic book order catalogs. I always skimmed right over to see what was going to be in the magazine called Dynamite. I wasn’t looking to see if the Sweat Hogs were being featured or the Fonz…. Damn, I must sound old now…. Nope. I was looking to see if the new issue would be featuring a 3D poster! Every once in a while, Dynamite would include a fold out poster in 3D. The poster would include a pair of red and blue 3D glasses making the art pop out of the poster and slap you in the face! It was so freaking cool!!!

Later, I collected a few 3D comic books. These were also very cool. I would draw picture with a red and a blue map pencil and make my own posters. I got pretty good at it. My science fair project in high school was a study on how the eye perceived images in stereo, making images three dimensional. I created a few posters and got an A plus. I think an erupting volcano won. They always win.

My poster will feature Charmy as The Dork Knight getting his butt handed to him by Bane. I chose to use the REAL Bane and not an ant version. I wanted this poster to be a mix of my silly cartoon and real, action intense superhero awesomeness. The only way to do this was to mash up these world’s. I also believe it may help grab an audience who otherwise may not give me a FIRST look. The audience here is very tuned into one genre or another, but those genres do not include “syndicated comic strips”… and especially NOT “comic strips that wish they could be lucky enough to one day be syndicated”.

Packaged with a pair of 3D glasses and archived in a clear acetate collector’s sleeve, these posters will sell for $25 and include an original autograph. Hopefully these will sell well. I am only bringing 50 with me to the show. Once they are gone, I will not be able to get more in time for the rest of the show. If they DO sell out, I’ll make a pledge now that in two weeks at Comicpalooza Fan Fest, I will have more AND I’LL MAKE 2 NEW POSTERS!!!! That is, IF the 50 posters sell out.

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If you are going to be at one of my shows, let me know If not and you want one of these posters, don’t worry. I will have these for sale here at Okra Comics’ website in a few months. More news on that later.

My hope is that my little webcomic will one day be a nationally syndicated comic strip. Please following my blog. You can even subscribe by email and my posts will be sent to your email every day! How cool is that!!!!

Davy’s upcoming appearances…

Sept. 4-6 – Amazing Houston Comic Con – Houston, TX –
Sept. 19 and 20 – Comicpalooza FanFest – Houston, TX –
Sept. 26 – ComiCulture – League City, TX –
Oct. 10 and 11 – Brazos Valley STX Comic Con – Bryan, TX –

If you are in the neighborhood, please drop in and say hello!!!

– Davy

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