Amazing Houston Comic Con – Day One


My Amazing Houston Comic Con experience actually began last night as I prepped for the

show. I was printing and cutting Print Cards, posters and signage until 3:00 am. I do not recommend cutting cards with an exacto blade after midnight. I have a scar on my arm that I cannot recollect obtaining. I am betting my yorkie scratch me in the middle of the night.

My day began at 6:00 am roughly 3 hours after hitting the hay. I actually had an awesome sleep and felt extremely rested. I was Blessed for I had a long day ahead of me. I would be attending the show on my own as I had attended day one of Comicpalooza six months prior. I am a veteran of two other comic cons now so this should be a breeze, right?

I had packed up between 2:30 and 3:00 am last night so that meant I needed to double check myself. After unpacking and repacking I was ready to go. Everything fit in my two suitcases perfectly. New for this show would be a folder with Sketch Cards and Print Cards as well as a very cool 3D poster.

I hear so many horror stories about checking in at these shows. The two previous shows were such a breeze. Both shows took two minutes to check in and get badges. Amazing Houston Comic Con was JUST as easy, if not easier. I walked straight in and was greEted by someone who pointed me to a desk where I was immediately handed my badge and I was good to go.

As I walk towards my area, I see one hell of a setup with art so freaking awesome. I thought to myself, “Oh please don’t let my table be next to that guy”. I was right next to THAT guy. THAT guy was Cory. Freaking awesome guy. Talented? Oh yeah, makes me look so weak, BUT at the same time, his stuff enhances my game plan. I standout because my stuff is so different. My stuff is really good too, just in a different way. I could not ask for a better neighbor.

My setup looks great. I could still use some enhancements, but until I begin making money, I cannot justify putting more money into my setup. The new backdrop looks awesome and though I wish it was bigger, for $50 I cannot complain. That price even includes shipping. No longer will the people behind me cramp my style!

After a three hour setup, remember that I had only TWO hours of sleep, I was ready to go. Um… oh, show doesn’t begin until 3:00. Crud. I need coffee. Off to Starbucks for a coffee and a sandwich.

Being today is Friday, I did not expect a large crowd. It was very small, but the attendees were extremely interactive. I was constantly engaged in conversations throughout the first two hours. People were so interested in hearing my process on how I create a strip. I was more than happy to talk through my processes for writing, drawing, directing and everything involved in producing my awesome comic strip.

Right at 5:00 though, things slowed down. I broke out the copic markers and colored in a few drawings and after 40 minutes, the show attendance boomed.

 Ben, the gentleman who requested a sketch cover, stopped by to pick it up. His face was

priceless. I put a ton of work into this and the hard work was worth it to see his smile. He told me he had no idea I was going to do such an intense job. It was important for me to turn over one heck of a product. This was, after all, my first sketch cover ever.

As you can see from the photo i posted on Instagram, Ben looks very happy! We talked for quite a while. Everyone knows I love to talk. Ben is the promoter of the show I am doing in Bryan in October… another reason I wanted that sketch cover to be awesome. He talked about his history with previous shows and discussed possibly using me in a video to support the upcoming show. I am a ham and hope I get to participate! My mug is made for television. 🙂

I am such an idiot. Cory, the artist next to me, was talking to an older gentlemen and sold him a print, refusing to take payment stating how honored he was just to know he owned his art.

The gentlemen stopped by my table next. I talked to him for 5 or 10 minutes about my strip. He was extremely interested, asking questions and conversing back and forth.

He then made his way to the girl next to me and talked for about five minutes. When he moved on again, I asked her who he was. She said she had no idea. Two minutes later she ran up to me with her program. The man was DAVID PROWSE!!!!… the actor who suited up as Darth Vader!!!!

Photo Op lost. He was gone by this time.

I sold one print card for $5. Not a good start, but this was the case with everyone. The other artists sold only a few items. Low attendance took its toll. I have a gut feeling that tomorrow will be the exact opposite. I handed out about 200 business cards. That is awesome…. but tomorrow I want to hand out at least 500 cards. That is the goal. I want to run out of the 1,000 cards I printed up by the show’s end. To me, THAT is success.

– Davy

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5 thoughts on “Amazing Houston Comic Con – Day One

  1. Each show fuels my passion more than the previous. I am at the point now that I cannot imagine my life without Charmy, Weaver and Frenchy… and the fan support I am seeing at these shows.
    Thanks for your prayers and support Shana. You ROCK.


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