Amazing Houston Comic Con – Day Two


After a good night’s sleep, I was more than ready for a great day at Amazing Houston Comic Con. First, I missed my freeway exit and had to loop around downtown, getting lost in the process. Downtown Houston has changed a lot in the past five years since I was last there. It only took my five minutes to get my bearings down and before you knew it, I was at the George R Brown Convention Center.

I walked up the the doors right at 8:00. I was told the night before that vendors would be allowed in at 8:00. Things changed overnight and we were told at the door we had to wait until 9:00. No big deal.

I talked with a gentleman waiting to get in. Such a nice guy It is amazing how passionate these fans are about their favorite artists and characters. I hope one day I have the a few fans as nice and awesome as this guy. 

I finally got in and set my table back up. Took ten minutes. Man, I was so excited and ready to pitch my comic strip to anyone who would listen to me ramble. The first two hours though was so bad. No one was walking down my row. I bet there was two or three people strolling past me every five minutes. I engaged each and every one and sold one sketch card. At this pace though, I was getting worried… as was the other artists I spoke with.

Right at noon though, the levy broke and the place went crazy. First, the gentleman I spoke with at the door before the show began walked up and purchased an original hand drawn, hand lettered strip. I decided to bring these today. I did not think they would sell, but within three hours I sold one… and not just any one. The strip that was purchased is the comic strip where Charmy gets his head shaved, which becomes his signature hairstyle. This one will be worth some major bucks once I get syndicated.

After that, I was selling collector cards, sketches and my 3D poster like crazy all the while, pitching my comic strip to a ton of people. I handed out about 350 cards today, so I am guessing by the end of the show tomorrow that I will be hoarse and completely wore out. I am so glad that Monday is a holiday! I am going to sleep all freaking day…. Yeah, like that’ll happen.

The rush was constant until 4:30 and then everyone vanished. The place was dead until the end of the show. I actually packed up 20 minutes before the show was over as did most everyone in my row. I was starving and was ready to celebrate a great day. I made just a little bit more today than I made all three days at Space City Comic Con. This show is living up to what everyone had told me about from their experiences the previous year. I am about $40 shy of breaking even. If I can sell three more 3D posters tomorrow or a few sets of sketch cards… whatever… and break even for the first time in three shows, I am going to be so freaking happy.

These shows are all about building two things…. 1. Your Brand… 2. Your Audience. You cannot have one without the other. If you do not have a strong brand, you cannot have an audience. Without an audience, you cannot support your brand. I am quickly establishing both and I am ecstatic. These shows are building something else for me too…. MY FUTURE!

Next stop: SYNDICATION!!!!

– Davy 
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