My Next Poster for my COMIC STRIP

I love showing everyone my process. I do all of my art the old fashioned way. Shown here is

my pencil sketch for my next poster which will debut at Comicpalooza FanFest. The original inked drawing will be donated to the University of Houston Clear Lake’s art program for a giveaway during their ComiCulture comic con in three weeks.

I am so looking forward to the League City ComiCulture con because it is only one day and it is ten minutes from my house… maybe fifteen minutes…. It all depends on the traffic light timing in Seabrook along FM146. Then there is the Seabrook Waffle Company…. I may need to pop in for a waffle…. that is 45 minute delay…. 

I may have to steer clear of Seabrook and go around the big lake via Engret Bat Boulevard instead. Of course then I will be passing by Morning Kolaches. That would only be a ten minute delay though. Those are some good kolaches…. Okay, that settles it then. Morning Kolaches it is. That is still three weekends away.

Would you like to see daily sketches like this once a day Monday through Friday? Become a PATRON OF THE ARTS on and support Charmy’s army with a mere $3 per month!!!!! What a bargain, right? Oh, and there are even MORE perks for my bigger supporters. Only want to do a dollar? that’s cool too!!! It all adds up and pays for my Comic Con Tables. You get my strips a day early for a buck each month.

Gonna be in Houston this month? Come to any of these shows…
Sept. 19 and 20 – Comicpalooza FanFest – Houston, TX –
Sept. 26 – ComiCulture – League City, TX –
Gonna be in Bryan, Texas next month? Come to this show…
Oct. 10 and 11 – Brazos Valley STX Comic Con – Bryan, TX –
– Davy

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