Charmy’s Army the COMIC STRIP in "Gettin’ Wiggy with It" Strip 4

What a crazy couple of weeks! All of these comic conventions are taking their toll on me. I am so freaking exhausted and my back is pretty screwed up. The pain is pretty bad, but it is so worth it. No pain, no gain. These shows have been the most encouraging platforms for me. I have received some much needed encouragement from all the show attendees as well as quite a few readers who looked me up at the last couple of shows.

I had so much doubt leading into Space City Comic Con, but after that show went so incredibly well I was super pumped up for my journey ahead. I followed up with Amazing Houston Comic Con where once again readers were there looking for me and I actually paid off my table and then some!

This weekend I return to Comicpalooza where this journey began. I did horrible at that show because I was not truly prepared. I am ready this time and will have my best show yet. I can feel it!

I am back this week with three new strips. Enjoy!!!

– Davy 

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