Charmy’s Army the COMIC STRIP in "Gettin’ Wiggy with It" Strip 5

I received my booth number for this weekend’s Comicpalooza’s FanFest!!! If anyone is going to this weekend’s comic convention, look me up at booth number 329. I am in the back near the celebrities. I actually believe I have the perfect spot. I just have a feeling.

At the BIG Comicpalooza, my table was also near the celebrities and it was a terrible spot. I had little to no traffic. The difference is that this time the venue is much smaller and I don’t think traffic will be an issue. The rows run vertically as well so you must walk through Artist’s Alley to get to the celebrities. I’m telling you, I am going to do awesome this weekend. Again, I just feel it in my bones. Of course it could just be the cold front that blew through. Not quite sure, but something is making my spine tingle. It very well could be those two bulging discs in my back… Who knows.

I only see one other artist there I know. Really cool guy who turned me onto sketch cards. Looks like I’ll be making a lot of new friends again, which is all part of my networking strategy. This weekend is gonna rock.

See ya then.

– Davy 

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