Charmy’s Army in "Crossword Puzzled" 05

I guess the big Comic Con news revolves around the rumor that Disney is going to have a major crackdown at the upcoming New York Comic Con in two weeks. The issue is with artists selling unauthorized character art of Marvel and Disney characters. If you’ve ever walked Artist’s Alley, you know that most of the artists there are selling prints of either DC or Marvel characters. Is this so wrong? That depends on your stance.

Bottom line is, YES… it is very wrong and illegal. Let’s think small… what if I saw someone selling posters of Charmy’s Army? I would be pretty mad. I am a little guy. In this case size should not matter. Just because Marvel is a huge company doesn’t mean they are not getting hurt from this. Use of one’s characters should warrant permission and a licensing fee.

So, you wonder if I have been in violation? Hmmm…. well, I do parodies. My art is either Frenchy or Charmy in cosplay… and is a parody of the actual superhero. I am not sure if I am in violation or not. I have been working on posters of my characters as themselves lately. The posters don’t move at the show at all. People want characters that they are familiar with… Frenchy means nothing to them… but Frenchy as Thor is a must grab.

At this point I am only spreading a rumor. I am praying that nothing happens and this is all some crazy story someone built up as a sick joke. I do think it is wrong to draw other people’s characters and profit solely from them… but at the same time, I do not lose sleep over it. Artist’s Alley would not be the same without the characters we know and love.

– Davy

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