Charmy’s Army in "Lost in Translation" 01


It is so key to anyone’s success.

What motivates me? Well, it is NOT reading other comic strips. Nope. In my youth, reading other strips was my motivation, but not I feel tainted when I read the work of other cartoonists. I need my ideas fresh and original. So unfortunately I no longer can read treasuries by my mentors… as much as I want to, I just can’t.

Today my motivation is music. I love jamming to Cheap Trick. They are in town in a few weeks here in Houston and I want to go. It is a school night so I have to miss them yet again. My youngest son is a huge fan too so I cannot go without him. I would not be able to enjoy the show if I did go without him. I am such a good dad.

So which album do I listen to? All of them… except The Doctor… that album was just so bad with the exception of three songs… Kiss Me Red, It’s Only Love, and Take Me to the Top. The other songs are clunkers.

My top pick is the 1977 self-titled debut Cheap Trick. I listen to that album once a week. Heaven Tonight, Dream Police, Live at Budakon and Rockford are also amazing. I keep every album, even The Doctor, on my phone so I can get my Cheap Trick fix anytime it is needed.

So will Cheap Trick ever make it into my comic strip? Oh yeah, just a matter of time…

– Davy

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