Charmy’s Army in "Lost in Translation" 04

Thanks for all the support at my shows this year! It was rougher than I expected, but I had fun. My goal for next year has changed a bit. The last three shows have been so bad that I must pass on my goal to appear at a show in Dallas and a show in Austin next year. Until I can prove to myself that I can draw big and pay off tables and hotel expenses, I have to scale down my 2016 tour.

This past weekend I tested my first out of town show in Bryan and I sold nothing the entire weekend. Talk about a LONG three hour drive home… I hit traffic which added time… The drive home was filled with all sorts of emotions. Most of the emotions were very positive. I have had a few good shows. One show, I even paid off my table. Seven others though barely paid for parking.

So why even do more shows?

My readership goes through the roof after each comic convention appearance. My Facebook number grow only slightly which is fine. The reason I must continue is the fact that my numbers on my website always blows up.

My next show be be in mid June next year. I am not gonna do any more shows until then. I am done, I even unpacked my suitcase this morning… A suitcase that has remained packed since my first show last May. Time to set away from the shows and work on my art.

Next year I will work two shows… Comicpalooza and Amazing Con. Both are great shows for which I will gladly fork out some big bucks for. If I do any other shows, it will only be because I had free tables offered to me. I hope those offers come up again because even at those free shows, I barely mad enough to cover parking!

Don’t get me wrong, I am no way down in spirit over this year. It was so much fun. I love meeting and talking with possible readers. At a few shows I even met some hardcore Charmy’s Army fans! Yes, they ARE out there!!!! Those experiences were amazing.

Next year will be great. I have big plans for Comicpalooza that will hopefully draw in people to my art. I made so many amazing friends with the other vendors that seeing them next year will feel like a family reunion of sorts.

Once again, thanks for all who came out to support me and my ants! I hope to see each and every one of you again next year at Comicpalooza!!!!

– Davy

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3 thoughts on “Charmy’s Army in "Lost in Translation" 04

  1. Funny, it really doesn't feel like work at all… lol…
    The shows were a great experience. I learned a lot about my limitations while realizing some grand possibilities.
    2016 will be the year something breaks. Hopefully it isn't me breaking…. or my bank account. Wait. that was already broken this year… lol. These shows are expensive!!!


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