The Great Fludini 01

Syndication is the goal. The chances are slim to none of ever making it. Heck, after 5 long years even GoComics doesn’t have me on their radar. In case you are not aware, I pay to be on GoComics. If you are good, GoComics will move you from the “Pay to Play” section to their “Main Page”. Being moved to the main page is sweet because not only do you not have to pay $120 every year to be there, but you get promoted. Once promoted, everyone can find your strip. Right now, I am buried along with 800 other cartoonists paying for their strip to be here.
How do I get noticed? I have no idea. I have a large following from all of these Comic Con appearances I am doing. That is so cool. I wish the audience was bigger… and I want to do this for a living. I have spent a few thousand dollars this year on my strip promoting it at these shows. I lose so much money at each Comic Con. I gain readers though… but it is depressing looking at my career stall. If anything, I am moving backwards! lol…
I am having a blast though. The reality of it all is that there are thousands of people with my dream. I am good and I bet hundreds are better. Next year I am only making appearances at two Comic Cons to save money. I am going to continue chasing this dream. It is too much fun mingling with my readers at the shows. Plus, I love writing and drawing this strip.
So long as I have faithful fans, I will always produce the greatest comic strip that very few people have ever heard of, CHARMY’S ARMY!!!
– Davy

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