"The Legend of the Dork Knight" – Comic Strip 06 of 06

I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving!

I had a ton of fun putting this episode of Charmy’s Army together for my readers. I believe this past week has shown some of my best work.

This is also a small look at an even bigger idea I have for a graphic novel. I have about a dozen more gags written. I also have a twisted outline for one heck of a story. I just need a contact at DC Comics.

Which is never gonna happen if I do not get syndicated soon.

And that won’t ever happen.
But you never know, right?

Never give up on me and I promise never to give up on my dream. This Thanksgiving I am SO thankful for all my readers and supporters. You have all kept me going strong as I chase a dream that only a hand full of people will ever realize. Syndication.

– Davy

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