Charmy’s Army the COMIC STRIP in "Black Tuesday" 01

I am going to do my strips in Black and White for the time being as I prepare to follow the next stage of my goals… that stage being SYNDICATION!!!

No… That does not mean I have been syndicated… or that I am closing in…. No, it just means I am going to push harder and begin hitting up every newspaper I can get the attention of. I have sent out a few dozen emails over the past month to newspapers without hearing any responses. That’s okay, I am used to that from the syndicates. They never respond to my submissions either.

My strip is too good to continue going unnoticed. I wish I had the perfect plan, but I don’t. What I do have is Faith in God.With that intact, I am happy with whatever happens or whatever doesn’t happen. So long as I keep enjoying what I am doing, all is good.

So, black and white… most newspapers run strips in black and white. I need to prove that my comic strip stands up in Black and White, Any comic strip looks good with some color tossed on it. I need to display my inking skills and display the raw talent I possess if I ever intend on having a newspaper ever run my strip.

– Davy

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