Charmy’s Army in "Santa Claused" 01

I debated on whether or not I would do a strip this week because I have so much going on. The longer the weekend grew, the more I knew I had no choice but to get three strips ready fro my readers. I actually wrote this episode on the fly! I just dug in and created three strips without blinking an eye. My passion for this comic strip makes the impossible seem like a walk in the park on a Spring morning.

I just wished I was good enough to take my strip into syndication.

Hey, I am having a blast doing this for my readers. I now estimate I have about 5,700 readers now between my hit count I see here, on Facebook, on Twitter and on Go Comics. Patreon is another story. Man, I wish I could figure that place out. That could actually bring in some money. I really do not see any cartoonists there doing well. I may pull out of Patreon early next year so I can focus all of my effort on my mission to “self syndicate” myself.

I hope to do three strips next week as well. I just have so much going on. Nothing fun… just “stuff”. I cannot recall a single Holiday in the past ten years where I was relaxed and enjoying the Holidays. My 18 years in the toy industry was always marred by “catalog season” as we prepped for the February toy show. I worked late every night in December. As much as I hated “catalog season”, I loved the toy industry. I was very young then… young and stupid. Now, I do not think I could ever go back into that frenzy. Nope. My dream is cartooning, but I am fine actually staying exactly where I am. I love my current day job and the people I work with. My bosses always let me know how great I am doing as well as how much they appreciate my hard work. FYI, there is no packaging designer who works harder than me…. 🙂

Gotta get back to more “stuff”! Nearly nine in the evening on Sunday and I am still working on other stuff. I am thinking this year me and my family needs a real vacation…. you know, away from “stuff”!!!! lolol……

– Davy

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