Charmy’s Army in "Santa Claused" 03

Here is the LAST STRIP for 2015!!!

It is time for me to take my final holiday break. This time next year I am going to be in a dozen newspapers. Once that transpires, I will no longer be able to take any breaks.

How do I know Charmy will be running in a dozen papers? Heck, I don’t. The deal is, if I am not in a single paper next year, I truly believe this industry is dead. My work is so good and my characters are so freaking lovable. Plus my audience is growing like crazy.

I had a fan recognize me at CVS on Saturday!!!! I had a Charmy shirt on so that may have helped a little. Being called out and told how much a reader looks forward to seeing what Charmy or Weaver are up to each week felt amazing. There is just no way my comic strip is NOT gonna take off in 2016.

I will return with new comic strips the first week on January. I won’t be gone long.

During these two weeks I plan on contacting more newspapers. I am going to get this strip published soon somewhere. I have one newspaper who is looking at an April or May launch. We just have to wait and see what happens between now and late Spring.

MERRY CHRISTMAS everyone. I hope to have some amazing news upon my return.

– Davy

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