New Comic Strip – "All Worked Out" 02

I hope everyone had a great holiday. I only took a few weeks off from my strip, but it felt so wrong. I just cannot take any more breaks. Next time I take a week off, I am going to have strips prepped to run during that time. Why? Because I truly believe my strip will begin its HISTORIC run in newspapers very, very, very soon!!!!

My goal?

I want to launch sometime in April somewhere… maybe even in a few papers.

I am in the progress of contacting every newspaper in the United States. I have about 36 papers contacted via email. I have not even scratched the surface. There are thousands to contact. If I can just get three papers to run my strip in time for the April launch, I will be in great shape.

My fee is so cheap. Cartoonists don’t make a lot of money in case you were unaware. I need 300 papers to run me six days per week if I ever want to do this full time. Thank God I love my day job. I am lucky to work somewhere that is probably the best job I ever had. I work with great people and our product line is awesome.

2016 will be an amazing year. I’ll talk about more plans tomorrow.

– Davy

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