New Comic Strip – "All Worked Out" 03

I have revised my plans for 2016.

I will only do TWO comic cons.

I have wrested with this decision. I loved doing the seven Comic Cons I did last year, but they are a ton of work. I need to focus on syndication. I cannot do that with all the prep work it takes to promote my work at Comic Cons. I end up spending two weeks prepping posters and sketch cards for sale and in the end I do not make enough back to pay off the table, gas and parking. Heck, at the last show I sold nothing at all and I had hotel costs to add to that one. In all, I lost $900 last year!!!! So, I am only appearing at TWO shows.

You can catch me in Houston for both shows….

COMICPALOOZA – June 17 -19, 2016

AMAZING COMIC CON – Labor Day Weekend 2016

Both are paid for and booked.

Beyond my two Comic Con appearances, I am still up for an appearance or two if I am invited to a show for free, which I was three times last year. I would love to attend Space City Comic Con again, but only if I get a comped table. Beyond that, I believe my best bet is to stay home and work on new strips.

Hope to see you at one of these shows!!!

– Davy

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