New Comic Strip – "All Worked Out" 06

I love the last panel. Frenchy’s hand sells that gag in so well.

I love details. Little details sell in a gag so well. That is why Weaver is so important. His glare out to the audience also sells in my gags so well. Sometimes Weaver’s look is set as a glare to Charmy… again selling in a gag. Weaver is a classic straight man.

I dare say that no other strip incorporates a classic straight man. I love old comedies with comedians bouncing gags off of straight men. My favorite was Bud Abbott and Lou Costello. They were masters of the craft. Weaver and Charmy are more like Bob Hope and Bing Crosby… I bet I just lost everyone reading this blog. Everyone is looking these guys up in Wikipedia thinking, “How old is Davy?”


I am as old as I feel. I am suddenly feeling VERY old.

– Davy

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