Charmy’s Army in " Shark Tanked" 01

Here is today’s strip! I was surprised how quickly I can knock these out now, This is so freaking easy.

I love the TV show Shark Tank. I wish there was a pitch I could use on that show to sell my strip into syndication. I am trying to syndicate my strip and the cost to contact every newspaper in the US is going to wipe me out. As a result, bu blitz has been squashed. I am only going to target 100 newspapers this Spring.

With that said, I need at least two papers to pick me up from those contacted. The chances are so slim, and to be honest, I doubt any papers come through. Just being realistic. I have been dreaming big over the last 5 years and those dreams all led to terrible disappointments.

The worst of the disappointments was last year’s Comic Con appearances. They were all a bust. All seven shows were gut wrenchers. I blew a ton of money last year and received no investment returns. My readership when through the roof…. but that doesn’t pay the bills unfortunately. I need to turn my readership into newspaper placement. That is this year’s goals. I am doing two shows this year, and to be honest, I wish I did not book them. They are real downers. I broke even at one show and lost my tail at the other six.

My plan this year is to spend my free time contacting newspapers. Gonna use my lunch breaks on Wednesdays to call a paper or two once my presentation are all sent in a few weeks. That will be my focus.

Gotta run. Enjoy this week’s strips! They will be awesome!!!!

– Davy

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