Charmy’s Army in " Shark Tanked" 03

I was really hoping to win the Powerball Lottery so I could quit my day job and follow my dream of being a full time cartoonist. Can you even imagine how great life would be if Charmy ran SIX days per week? Well, if I can get just ONE newspaper to run Charmy six days per week, that dream WILL happen. This amazing chapter in our lives may be closer than either of us realize.

Today, we once again see fan favorite Flimp the Chimp! I love this monkey. Flimp debuted a few years ago in the episode Monkey Business. I am reworking that story for syndication. The revision will pit Flimp’s first day at Fort Hill. Yes, you will see then that Flimp is a recruit just like Charmy, Frenchy, Weaver and the gang.

Don’t worry. Even I am confused on this. My rule of thumb is “if it is funny, it doesn’t need to make sense”.

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– Davy

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