Charmy’s Army in "Shark Tanked" 05

Sending out 20 submissions to 20 newspapers today!!!! I am hitting up newspapers in Texas first unless anyone has a newspaper in their state they’d like me to contact. I have the name of every editor of every newspaper in the US. I have been VERY busy.

If you have a paper you would love seeing Charmy in, let me know. I can give you the editor’s email, mailing address and phone number!!!! Okay, I won’t give you that… but I will contact them myself on your behalf.

Today I have added another shark from Shark Tank. Drawing Lori Greiner was tough. I sketch her over and over for an hour until I felt I had captured her likeness. My style makes it hard to capture a person’s exact looks, but I feel I came close.

Enjoy my strip today and if you appreciate the work that went into today’s strip, please LIKE and SHARE on Social Media.

– Davy Jones

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