Charmy’s Army in "In-Trenched" 07

Last week was such an EYE OPENER!!!

I heard from five newspapers last week. As you recall, three weeks ago I mailed out 30 presentations to newspapers in Texas, Florida, Massachusetts and Rhode Island. The papers I heard back from all passed on adding Charmy’s Army. The reasons? No room. None of the papers have a space available. In order to add my strip, they have to drop another strip. All are happy with their current strips.

I knew this was going to happen. I know my strip is very good, but I can understand their position.

Will this discourage my mission? Nope. I am going to get into at least 5 papers before my Comicpalooza appearance in June. That is the goal. It MUST happen before then. If not, I will have no story to tell at Comicpalooza and my appearance will have no purpose at that Comic Con. I will still go because I paid a fortune for my table. If my mission does fail, I will pick a new number of  newspapers as a goal for my next show in September.

I am going to do this, Please cheer me on and say a prayer or two. 


– Davy Jones

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