Charmy’s Army – Sketch Covers

Sketch covers are amazing! I have spent the week drawing sketch covers as I prepare my merchandise for my upcoming shows. I hear these Sketch Covers are supposed to sell pretty well. I hope so. I really want to do well this year at my Comic Con appearances. Over the past year, I have been buying up sketch covers every few weeks… one or two at a time. Over the past week I have been working these up into some amazing works of art. This meant that I was unable to create comic strips for my online readers. I apologize. I have been created comic strips in between sketch covers, but these strips are all exclusively created for my printed appearances. I am now on my third week since my comic strip debuted in its first weekly newspaper in Brazoria County here in Texas, The newspaper covers eleven cities with a readership beyond imaginable. If you asked me a few months ago if I would have such an amazing start to my career, I would not have said, “no way”. I am so excited about the possibilities that are sitting just around the corner. I am emailing more newspapers daily as I try and get into a few more papers,  It is not an easy task, but I refuse to give up.
Here are a few more covers for you all to enjoy, Some are only in pencils and some are inked. Only one here is finished, The Ant-Man cover is the one that is complete.

Click to enlarge.

– Davy

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